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Elementary School Student

Your Safety Is Our Concern

The safety of our riders is our top priority. To ensure student safety, the following guideline modifications have been made according current to state and local guidelines



Wearing masks on the bus is now optional. Students may wear them if they wish to do so.



Drivers may assign seats on their bus at their discretion. 

  • Permanent seating assignments are no longer mandatory in regard to COVID or contact tracing. 

  • In order to better implement student management and reduce bullying, drivers may implement seating assignments for the safety of all students. Seating assignments help us better identify students who may be acting inappropriately or dangerously on the bus.

  • When the bus is at capacity then the driver may start filling empty seats keeping 1 student to a seat. 

  • When there is a student in every seat then the driver may begin allowing 2 students per seat. Some routes may seat three students per bench if the number of students riding requires it.



  • Families will be encouraged to sit together when possible and sit with respect to age appropriate seating which requires younger students to sit forward in the front of the bus.  This will require older siblings to come forward instead of younger siblings moving to the back.  

  • Students are now allowed to ride home with friends. Each time, a signed and stamped notice from the school office WILL BE REQUIRED in order to accomodate these requests.



Unloading procedure is just as important as locating and seating. the driver will instruct students on how to properly and safely leave the bus.

  • At the school the driver is responsible for instructing students to remain seated and to begin unloading students from front to back.

  • The drivers will remind and reteach the expectation that students are to remain seated and wait to unload until the student in front of them has begun to exit and is at a respectful social distance



  • Windows may be opened or closed depending upon the weather. Please ensure your child is dressed appropriately according to the weather. 

  • As always, riders should never put hands or head outside of the windows.

Food &


Eating and drinking on the bus is no longer permissible due to safety and sanitary concerns. KWRL staff will educate students of the expectations and enforce the NO FOOD OR DRINK policy on the bus to promote health and safety for all passengers. 

Electronic Devices

Students are NOT to share electronic devices.  This is a policy that is already in place to protect against exposure to unapproved or inappropriate content on devices, but this policy also helps prevent health concerns related to the sharing of objects and the social contact that occurs with sharing.  


You can find additional information regarding COVID-19 protocol for each district at the links below.

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