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Transporting and caring for our special needs students is a high value mark here at KWRL. From your home to school and back, you can rest assured that your kiddos will be well taken care of.


Transporting special needs students takes a different set of skills than transporting general education students. Our drivers are trained to carefully pick up, secure and transport your child with patience and care. We understand the unique needs of each student and strive to extend every effort in caring for them.


From wheel chair rails to special loading equipment our buses are made for this. Each bus is inspected regularly and all equipment is maintained with the utmost care, ensuring the safety of our passengers.


Special Ed drivers are trained in all of the equipment and use of our specialty buses. They have also had additional training in the needs of our students who might need extra care and understanding.


Our drivers will spend time getting to know your children and you as the parent. They will offer suggestions and listen to yours, when it comes to any concerns and procedures of which you might be in need.


  • Please make every attempt to know your student's route number. When contacting KWRL, knowing your route number helps us to assist you quickly and avoids any potential confusion regarding student identification.

  • Parents need to contact KWRL if they are not going to need transportation. If KWRL arrives to provide transportation on three consecutive attempts and is unable to make contact, or is not informed that transportation is not needed in advance, then KWRL will suspend transportation services until the parent or guardian contacts KWRL to re-establish transportation services. 

  • Students and families need to be looking for the bus and ready a five minutes before the pickup time. When students are ready to board the bus it helps keep the bus on schedule for everyone with transportation needs.

  • The driver will wait a full three minutes after the scheduled stop time. If no one comes to the bus within that time, the driver will move on to their next stop.

  • All schedule-related communications between the family and KWRL need to go through the KWRL dispatchers on duty.  Please do not message or call the driver directly as the driver may not be on duty and because KWRL needs to be aware of schedule changes so that we can adjust for everyone accordingly. Contacting the driver directly creates communication problems for everyone involved. 


Patricia Sheldon

Pat Sheldon.jpg

Patricia Sheldon and Cory Kincaid are tasked to lead the fairly impressive 30 special needs KWRL bus fleet. With years of experience, they have a passion for assisting parents/guardians to ensure that their student(s) needs are met. Patricia and Cory understand and recognize that each student has their own circumstances and give their very best to meet those needs. Please feel free to reach out should you have any questions regarding special need transportation.

Cory Kincaid

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Ridgefield & La Center

Woodland & Kalama

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