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If you have students that would like to ride the bus, registration is required.

Please do not register for the 2024-2025 school year until July 01. 2024. Thank you.


Registering to ride the bus may be done online, as long as you already registered for the appropriate school in your district


Registration is not required if...

  • ...your student(s) were previously registered to ride the bus and rode during the previous school year.

  • ...your student is changing grades within the same grade range or is changing up to the next grade range (Elementary to Middle School, Middle School to High School). When this happens route changes are automatically updated and notifications sent out to parents.

Registration is required if...

  • ...your student is an incoming Kindergarten student. Registration of your kindergartner may be done here.

  • ...your student is new to the district.

  • ...your student has never ridden the bus.

  • have changes to your existing registration (change of address, alternate stop additions, etc.)


  • Your Skyward credentials

  • Your gmail credentials (gmail information must already be in Skyward)

  • Your Facebook credentials

Final School Bus information including route number, stop location and pick up and drop off times will be posted in the portal, to your students profile, two weeks prior to the start of the school year, provided you have entered all of the necessary information. An e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address on file when changes/updates take place.

  • How does Google sign in work in the portal?


Please read through our frequently asked questions before calling the office. Most questions can be answered below.​

  • My student was already registered to ride the bus last year. Do I need to re-register them this year?

No. Students who were previously registered remain registered. The only exception is if you change school districts.

  • My student registered for transportation at the Middle School last school year, and will be attending High School next year, do we still need to register them through the Portal?

No. Student's route, stop and time information will be automatically adjusted and the parent notified in this situation.

  • My student didn't ride the bus last year. This year my student is intending to ride the bus to school. Do we need to register them through the Portal?

Yes. Because we do not have the student registered for the bus, a new registration is required.

  • Do new incoming Kindergarten students need to register for the bus?

Yes, because we do not have your Kindergarten student registered for the bus, a new registration is required.

  • If the Kindergarten student is not intending to ride the bus, do we need to register them through the Portal?

No, registration is not required. If in the future you intend for your student to ride the bus, then please register your student through the portal.

  • What if we need to register an alternate stop?

Alternate stops are frequently used for daycare or multiple family scenarios. In the portal, please select "Add Additional Location" enter your information in the appropriate fields. KWRL office staff will validate the information with the district to ensure student transportation can be provided. If the alternate stop is approved, the school bus information will be uploaded into the student profile and the parent will be e-mailed a confirmation.

  • When signing into the portal I keep getting a "Unknown Error". What should I do?

There are a couple of issues that may be causing this error. First, your Skyward information may not up to date. Try resetting your password through the district, (make sure it's the parent or guardian's Skyward credentials and not the student's). Wait 24 hours, or overnight, before attempting to sign in again.


The second issue is with the Internet Explorer browser. Microsoft no longer supports the Internet Explorer which results in various issues when trying to connect with our Portal. We asked that you try using another browser such as Chrome or Firefox. In most cases these adjustments will fix the issue. Also, make sure when you're going to the portal through the KWRL website.

  • My student is new to the district and we do not have skyward credentials. How do we register?

Please register your student with the school district. Once you're registered, the district will send you your Skyward credential information. Once you receive and reset your password, wait 24 hours or overnight before attempting to sign in again.


If it's the summer and the district admin office is closed, you will need to wait for the district office to reopen in order to register your student into the Skyward system.


FYI - Each school district has their own procedure regarding when they will issue Skyward credentials. Please reach out to your district office for further details. Until then, your student registration may be delayed until this process is completed.

  • When will the bus route information be uploaded into the portal?

We typically post route information two weeks before the school start dates. At hat time, please sign back into the portal to find your information. In addition, KWRL will send notification to your registered e-mail when the bus information is uploaded into the portal.

  • My student has an IEP and is a special needs student, do I register them through the portal?

Special needs student(s) require much more detailed information for bus routes. Therefore, at this time, special needs bus assignments will work through the IEP, district office and the KWRL special needs coordinator for bus transportation.

If you're attempting to use Google to sign in to the portal, your Gmail address must be registered and associated in Skyward. Once you go into the Portal, click on the "Sign in with Google" radio button. (located at the bottom left of the portal sign in page)

  • How do I reset my Skyward password?

To reset your password, click on your district page below:

Kalama School District

Woodland Public Schools

Ridgefield School District

La Center School District

Please note, after you reset your password, please wait for the next day before credentials is valid in the KWRL Transportation Portal

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