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Current route, late start information and bus tracking. it's all here to keep you as informed and up-to-date as possible.


You can find route information below. All you need to know is the route number your child is assigned to.

As a reminder, student(s) need to be at their bus stop 5 minutes before the scheduled pick-up time.

On mobile devices scroll to the side to view stops



On late start mornings student pick up times willadjust based on the individual school district's late start bell time.




La Center

Day: Wednesday

Early Release:

Every 1st and 3rd Wed
Elementary: 1PM
MS/HS: 1:10PM

Day: Monday

Late Start: 1 hour 15 minute


  Regular pick up time: 7:00 AM

  Late start pick up time: 8:15 AM

Day: Wednesday

Late Start: 1 hour


  Regular pick up time: 7:15 AM

  Late start pick up time: 8:15 AM

Day: Wednesday

Late Start: 1 hour


  Regular pick up time: 7:15 AM

  Late start pick up time: 8:15 AM



KWRL has partnered with a great company called Samsara to provide a broad spectrum of GPS technology-based services for the KWRL fleet of school buses.  One feature of this product is a simple tracking view that parents can access to monitor KWRL buses approaching their bus stop.

The view screen is interactive and users can pan and zoom the map screen to monitor their bus stop for approaching buses.


Samsara Bus Tracking

  • To track your school bus, you will need to know your student's route number.* 

  • If a bus tracking symbol is a black dot the GPS is either out of range or is the bus is not currently running.

  • A green dot indicates that the bus is running, but is stopped.

  • A green arrow indicates the bus is moving.

   Click here to track a bus

* On days when the regular route bus is out of service and the route is serviced by a spare bus, viewers will need to look for buses that have the word “spare” next to the route number to identify the “spare” bus moving toward their bus stop. 

*** We are currently transitioning to a new bus tracking platform. Because of this some buses may not be visible on occasion as we migrate information. Thank you for your understanding. ***