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Your Safety Is Our Concern

The safety of our riders is our top priority. To ensure student safety, the following guidelines have been developed in cooperation with all four districts in the KWRL Cooperative.



Bus rules help define student safety and conduct in a specific context, but KWRL developed safety and conduct expectations in simple terms to help students understand the expectations of a student in being a good citizen and passenger to support a healthy and safe school bus environment.

The school bus is an extension of the classroom and these expectations are consistent with expectations in the buildings and in the classrooms. 

School Bus & Children


Students need to follow the expectations on the bus at all times.​ If a student refuses to follow expectations, they will be assigned a seat by the driver.

  • Sit properly in the seat.

  • Remain seated at all times and until the bus comes to a complete stop.

  • Keep their hands and feet to themselves

  • Be respectful to other passengers and the driver

  • Voice level 1 or 2

  • Keep the aisles clear at all times.



In order to avoid injury, proper loading and unloading procedures must be observed.

  • Students are prohibited from sitting in the driver’s seat,  students are not to the immediate left or right of the driver while the bus is in motion.

  • Students must leave the bus in an orderly manner. 

  • Students need to wait for the driver's signal in order to cross the highway verifying that it is safe to proceed and until given consent by the driver.  When boarding or leaving the bus, students must be in view of the driver at all times. 

  • Students are only permitted to cross the highway only in front of the school bus and never behind.

  • Students must arrive at the bus stop on time (at least 5 minutes before the bus arrives), near the road in a highly visible location to the driver and must not stand or play on the roadway while waiting for the bus to arrive. Students should not be on their porch or inside a car as the bus is approaching because they need to be visible to the driver in order for the driver to verify that a stop is required and to allow for adequate time and distance for warning lights.

  • Self-discipline should be exercised by the students at the bus loading area.  Students will refrain from pushing and shoving other passengers or engaging in other unsafe activities.

  • Students who have to walk some distance to the bus-loading zone must walk, where practicable, on the left-hand side facing the oncoming traffic.  This will also apply to the student leaving the bus-loading zone in the evening.

  • Students are not to run errands between the bus stops and home. (For example, students running behind a bus to cross a busy street to get mail to create an extremely dangerous situation.)

safe school zone.png

The bus is an extension of the school. The same rules that apply on school grounds apply on the bus and will be strictly enforced for the safety of all students and drivers.

  • Tobacco use of any kind is prohibited on the bus this includes, smoking, vaping,  chewing tobacco, lighting matches or lighters, or use any type of flame, sparking or exploding device on the school bus.

  • The possession of any substance banned by the school such as tobacco, alcoholic beverage, marijuana, narcotics, stimulant drugs, drug paraphernalia, or any over the counter drug that is used outside of the normal and customary guidelines for that drug is prohibited on the bus.

  • Weapons of any kind are prohibited on the bus.  

  • Fake, toy or any item that is intended to be a weapon or could be used as a weapon are prohibited on the bu.



  • Students need to request permission from the driver before opening any windows. 

  • As always, riders should never put hands or head outside of the windows, nor should anything be thrown through open windows.

Restricted Items

  • School projects that can not be placed in a backpack or safely secured may not be transported on the bus.

  • Musical instruments are allowed but the student must be able to get the instrument onto the bus unassisted. The student must be able to place the instrument in their lap or between their feet. Instruments may not be placed in the under-bus storage compartments while the bus is on route. 

Food &


Eating and drinking on the bus is not permissible. KWRL staff will educate students of the expectations and enforce the NO FOOD OR DRINK policy on the bus to promote health and safety for all passengers. 



  • Scented products such as perfume, cologne, deodorant or any aerosol devices may not be discharged on the bus.

  • Skateboards, folding scooters, and bikes are not to be brought on the bus.

  •  Any item that causes disruption or distraction to the driver such as, but not limited to, electronic devices may be confiscated and parents can pick it up at KWRL.

Be Responsible

  • Students are to assist in keeping the bus clean by keeping their waste paper and other trash off of the floor.

  • Riders should always be respectful and courteous to all other riders, drivers and students.



  • Consistent with school district policies, bullying or harassing behavior will not be allowed or tolerated on the school bus.​

  • Parents or the student will reimburse the school district for any damages to school buses resulting from student misconduct.

  • Failure to abide by any of the policies listed on this page may result in temporary or permanent loss of bus riding privileges.*


KWRL Transportation Cooperative and the Superintendents in each of the four member districts believe that the bus is an extension of the classroom and that a healthy school bus climate and culture is critical to learning. Because we value the importance of the climate and culture on the bus KWRL has invested in staffing a full time Behavior Specialist dedicated to support student management efforts to that end.  KWRL is one of a limited number of districts in Washington State that have dedicated the resources to support and foster a student management program that is responsive, preventative and restorative.  In recent years KWRL has identified student management as a paramount priority and is developing programs and resources to student management needs in these challenging times. 



In the event of an actual emergency, students must follow emergency exit procedures as established by emergency exit drills, which are discussed and practiced each year.



Drivers complete an attestation form daily and have their temperature taken before each shift.



No student will be permitted to leave the bus, except at their regular assigned stop, unless permission to change is given by school authorities.

Parents are reminded that cars and other motor vehicles must stop for school buses loading and unloading children when the bus’s stop sign is out and the bus’s red lights are flashing.  Please help us by reporting violators and by talking to your student about why it is important for all to practice safe driving techniques…especially when children are present.

* The school bus is an extension of the classroom and each student is subject to the progressive discipline policies defined by each specific school district's polices and practices.  Please review the student handbook or district policies for the school district where your student(s) is enrolled. Each situation is assessed on an individual basis If a issue arises that may require disciplinary action, but we try to adhere to a four step Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (P.B.I.S.) model as much as possible that may progress as follows:

1. Verbal Warning

2. Seat Assignment

3. Bus Referral

4. Suspension of transportation services.

An immediate referral and/or loss of riding privileges could result due to severe behavior and refusal to follow safety directives or behavioral expectations.


KWRL Transportation is a cooperative effort of the Kalama, Woodland, Ridgefield and La Center school districts to provide safe and efficient transportation services for each respective member district. All students boarding KWRL school buses must abide by the school district policies and student handbooks approved by each separate member district school board.

KWRL Transportation bus rules are a supplemental operational directive and do not replace or supersede any specific school district policy set forth and approved by member district school boards.

  • Personal electronic devices are for each individual student’s personal use only. Contents of personal electronic devices may not be shared visually, audibly or through digital transmission with any other students while on a KWRL school bus. Using an electronic device for photography or recording video while on a KWRL school bus is strictly prohibited. Sharing content or use of an electronic device in violation of RCW 9.68A.011 will be reported to the respective school district and to local law enforcement.

  • Use of an electronic device on a KWRL school bus that creates an unsafe condition or distraction to the driver is strictly prohibited. Distracting, or unsafe conditions shall include any condition that distracts the driver’s attention from their duties or encourages students to alter their safe seating orientation within their seat compartment.

  • KWRL will not be responsible for managing lost, stolen or damaged electronic devices brought onto a KWRL school bus.

  • By bringing a cell phone onto a KWRL school bus, the students and parents consent to the search of the device when school officials have reasonable suspicion that such search will reveal a violation of school rules. For the purpose of this rule a school official shall be defined by the respective school district.

Student transportation services are a privilege, not a right, in the State of Washington, and adherence to KWRL Transportation Bus Rules is a required condition for access to transportation services. Students that do not respect or adhere to KWRL Transportation rules may have their transportation services suspended or revoked to insure the safe and efficient transportation of all students. Possession of an electronic device on a KWRL school bus is a privilege and not a right of the student or parent/guardian. Permission to use or possess an electronic device on a KWRL school bus may be suspended or revoked. 

For more information with regard to KWRL school bus rules please contact KWRL at 360.841.2023 or



You can find additional information regarding the electronic device/telecommunication policy for each district at the links below.

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