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Check it out!

Many of you have been waiting for our new bus tracking app and here it is! With improved efficiency and ease of use, as well as safety, you'll now be able to track the bus and see where it is any time your student is riding!

Download the app from your the link below. Scroll down for login instructions.

ZenBUS _ Bus ETA - Apps on Google Play.png

Once you have the app, follow the next steps and you'll be good to go:

Enter the Primary User's Phone Number.

This should match the phone number listed in Skyward.

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TI OTP.jpg

Enter the OTP code sent to your Phone Number.


Once you've entered the code, you'll be verified.


TI ChooseKWRL.jpg

From the drop-down menu on the following page choose "kwrl"


If you have only one rider, you should now see the bus (when in operation). If you have multiple riders, you'll be able to choose which one to track at any time.



1. How long does it take to activate BusETA?

Downloading the app and logging in should take less than 5 minutes.


2. What information do I need to to access BusETA?

Just the phone number you have listed as your contact number in Skyward. (See instructions above for the login process)

3. If more than one parent or guardian has cell phone numbers in the Skyward profile, does the BusETA app use only the primary first phone number for login or does it recognize multiple phone numbers?

The App does it's best to find the phone number for each guardian, depending upon what's in Skyward.  If one of the guardian's contact numbers is a cell phone it will use that. If additional guardians have separate cell numbers in Skyward, that's what will be in BusETA. Try to log in with your own cell phone number first. If that's not recognized you can either update your contact information in Skyward (and wait 24 hours or so for that to filter through into the Portal and ETA) or try using the Primary's phone number.

4. If I have more than one student riding the same bus does BusETA track the 2nd, 3rd, etc. student or only the 1st student?

Parents are connected to each of their students. If they have 3 kids there are 3 connections.

5. If I have multiple students riding on different buses can I track them both at the same time?

The parent/guardian will see each route in the app, with he names of each student, and will be able to switch between routes.

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