Kindergarten Students

KWRL has created this page to highlight the importance of transportation for Kindergarten student(s). For a Kindergarten student (and Parent!), riding a school bus is filled with both excitement and anticipation, but at the same time it can feel overwhelming and quite frankly very intimidating. Whether you’re a first time kindergarten parent or you have done this before, we hope the information on this page can help answer any questions or concerns you may have. Below are a few safe guards put in place to help understand what to expect on the first few days.

School Bus Transportation Registration for Kindergarten Student for 2020-2021

Before signing into the KWRL Portal, please read information below.

  • All students must register with the school district first, BEFORE registering for school bus transportation.

  • Once registered, the school district will send Skyward credentials. Skyward credentials are needed to sign into the KWRL portal.

  • Please allow 24 hours after receiving Skyward credentials before attempting to sign into the KWRL portal.

  • KWRL portal can be accessed with a Gmail account, provided the Gmail is registered with the school district.

  • School bus information will be sent to parent(guardian) 2 weeks prior to school start date.

COVID-19 Update

There are many questions with regards to what school bus transportation will look like for 2020-2021 school year. At this time, we do not have any information to share. When we get new updates related to transportation, we will update accordingly.

(Please click above to enter KWRL Portal)

Identification Bands - During the first week of school, Kindergarten Students will be issued Yellow Identification Bands. Teachers will attach bands to the students back packs. This will help the school bus driver identify the student.

Seat Assignment on Bus - The first few rows on each bus will have yellow tape designated for all kindergarten students. This will help the bus driver keep close supervision of the student during transportation.

Parent meet and greet - For the safety of the student. Please ensure a parent, guardian or designated person is with the kindergarten student at the bus stop before and after school. As a safety precaution, the bus driver will not release the student after school unless the responsible party is present at the stop.

Kindergarten School Route Animal Identifiers

Kalama Elementary School

501 Fox

502 Duck

503 Zebra

504 Turtle

505 Owl

506 Grasshopper

507 Alligator

508 Eagle

Woodland Columbia Elementary School

601 Elephant

602 Rabbit

603 Penguin

604 Eagle

605 Bear

606 Duck

616 Camel

617 Horse

Woodland North Fork Elementary School

607 Kangaroo

608 Hippopotamus

609 Giraffe

610 Lion

611 Zebra

612 Whale

613 Turtle

Union Ridge Elementary School

303 Zebra

304 Whale

307 Turtle

308 Penguin

314 Monkey

317 Lion

319 Kangaroo

320 Elephant

321 Eagle

322 Butterfly

323 Bee

324 Fox

South Ridge Elementary School

309 Owl

310 Duck

311 Rabbit

312 Giraffe

313 Camel

315 Bear

316 Horse

318 Hippopotamus

La Center Elementary School

401 Owl

402 Horse

403 Hippopotamus

404 Alligator

405 Bear

406 Duck

407 Grasshopper

408 Bee

409 Giraffe

410 Fox

411 Elephant

412 Eagle

413 Rabbit

414 Monkey

415 Lion

Route numbers and animal characters are subject to change